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Green Point Cricket Club is embarking on a players’ stumps drive where current and past players contribute to having their names on the set of home stumps for the 2019/20 season.

The aim is to raise funds to ensure that we can follow through on meaningful projects at the club. These are aimed at directly benefiting the cricketers at the club and positively impacting the playing of the game.

When previously run, the funds were used to purchase a pitch roller which the club had been in need of for years. Our goal is to have 4 x stumps, 11 x players per stump, with a minimum contribution of R 1500 and no upper limit.

Projects on the radar

  • Relaying of cement nets, key project to ensure that players of all levels at the club have access to top level facilities to ensure that we can perform at the best possible standard
  • Light fixtures around the nets will allow for extended training hours, early and late season training.
  • Tuck shop and kitchen extension, we have a focus on improving our environment to facilitate both revenue growth and a better offering and experience for all stakeholders
  • Adding an additional strip to the square to enable us to host more home games for both seniors and juniors