Sign up – Dog Walking

Our dog walkers club is currently at capacity. Please check back soon to sign up.

Terms and Conditions

Dog walkers are responsible for your own pets at all times.
Entry into the property is at your own risk and Green Point Cricket Club accepts no liability for harm that might be caused whatsoever to yourself or your pet/pets.
You acknowledge first and foremost the facility serves as a Cricket Club.
Green Point Cricket club accepts no responsibility if you or your pet is harmed by a cricket ball.
Only 3 dogs per membership allowed.
No visitors with dogs allowed without permission from the Club Manager.
COVID regulations to be adhered to.
Strictly no pets on the cricket pitch or practise nets.
There are event days during the course of the year where the facility will be out of use for members.
Please be responsible for your dog and keep them under control at all times.
Violations with regards to non-compliance of picking up of dog poo will result in a R200 fine with a 2nd transgression within a 6month period resulting in termination without a refund of your membership.
The Green Point Cricket Club Committee reserves the right to revoke memberships at all times for a variety of reasons but not limited to the following; unruly and dangerous dogs; dogs interfering with cricket activities, non-conforming members.